D'Angelo Visuals
Medical Illustration, Art & Design

How to Order

Process for Custom Exhibits

Step 1

Contact us. Email or call, we’ll discuss your case, timeline, and give you an idea of how we can help. We are also available for an on-site consultations.

Step 2

Send us a medial brief. Depending on the nature of your case we’ll need the following…

  • Radiological films

  • Photographs of the client

    • Pre-accident shot

    • Scarring (if applicable)

      Full standing views taken from the front, back, and side

  • Hospital records

    • Operative notes

    • Emergency reports

    • Consultation letters

    • Discharge summaries

  • Deposition transcripts

  • Police reports

Step 3

Proposal. A free, no obligation proposal outlining your visuals will be be provided to you. Once accepted, we will begin production.

Step 4

Production. We begin creating your custom exhibits. If desired, we will work directly with your medical experts to make sure or illustrations accurately depict their findings. Upon completion we will provide you with electronic files (JPEG or PDF formats). For an additional fee we’ll also produce high resolution prints and/or enlargements.